Organic Foodscaping converts purely decorative landscaping at commercial properties into organically maintained edible gardens.

Our mission is to responsibly use available natural resources with a goal of providing fresh produce to locally-based food pantries.


The idea behind Organic Foodscaping comes from a passionate belief in the need to change the definition of beautiful in the landscaping world.

Today, we are accustomed to the color and smell of professionally sculpted flower beds, lawns and foliage. That empty beauty only last so long, consuming water – one of our most precious natural resources – and often requiring the use of harsh chemicals or fertilizers to maintain its look and vigor.

In the end, what are we left with other than something pleasing to our eyes?

That’s where Organic Foodscaping, aims to be different. Our process involves turning decorative landscaping designs on commercial properties into gardens that yield organically-grown fruits and vegetables, which will then be donated to local hunger-relief organizations for distribution to those most in need of fresh, healthy food.

The beauty of Organic Foodscaping comes not just in the colorful array of plants that bloom into essential parts of a nutritious diet, but in how they are grown. Our approach is mindful of protecting the planet by not putting potentially dangerous pesticides into the soil. The water used provides an essential element for plant growth that is not wasteful in its purpose.

This is not just a good idea whose time has come. This is a concept with broader importance for today’s world and future generations. Organic Foodscaping is about building a legacy that involves responsible, sustainable landscaping which, through our process, provides a new source of fresh-food options to those lacking access to fruits and vegetables.

Learn more about the differences between Organic Foodscaping and traditional landscaping on the “Our Process” page. Also, take a moment to learn about those who support our work on the “Our Partners” page. Want to volunteer your time or make a donation? Learn how on the “Support Us” page.

It is said that from one small acorn grows a mighty oak tree. Join us as we take this seed of an idea and nurture its growth into a giant tree of life with branches of greater good spreading across the land for years to come.

- Paul Campana – Executive Director