About US

About US

Organic Foodscaping is a non-profit group founded in January, 2016. We are currently registered in the states of Illinois and Texas. Registration in the state of California in 2017.

     We began this journey by visiting, touring and talking with food pantry managements and workers to find out if there truly was a need for organic produce in their pantries and in their clients diets. The answer we got was a resounding "YES!!" as most of the foodstuffs currently donated to them are boxed or canned, and heavily preservative laden. (more about food pantries in our bullet points.)

      Having received their support and encouragement, we have now moved on to planting sample gardens to provide visuals rather than drawings of what our gardens can look like. This is on going right now, with the sample gardens currently in Palatine, Illinois. Our first contracted garden, Monticello garden, has installed in the Chicago in mid to late June, located at 741 N Monticello Ave, Chicago.

     Being a non-profit entity our other biggest task right now is fund raising. Growing organically is currently more costly than traditional growing and while costs will go down as organic production increases. We need to start gardens now and organic, seeding and plants are expensive. (read more about why organic gardening is a necessity and not a luxury anymore in our bullet points section.)

     As we move forward we will report on the newest gardens, we will keep track of the existing gardens and report on their progress. From time to time we will do a feature on our partners and give the a chance to show you the good work that they do.

     Best of all, we will continually update our photos because first of all that is what we do, and secondly, well they  are just darn pretty to look at! We would also encourage you to send us photos of any local foodscaping you know of, whether it's your own garden at home or just one you have seen locally, or even in the media somewhere. Send pictures to pcampana@organicfoodscaping.org.

     There is a lot of hard work ahead of us, both in breaking ground and breaking existing mindsets. We relish the challenge but know that we need help to do so, we need YOUR help to do so. This is not just a dream. and idea whose time has come. It is a dream and idea whose time must come now. Our future, our children’s future, the planet Earth's future depends on it . ( see the  "support us" section to see how you can help.) 

     Some other future plans for this site will include educating people on vegetable growing and use, nutritional values, recipes etc. (maybe a "produce pick of the month" feature) We also want devote time to educating children both in good nutrition and to involve them in the growing process. We will try to show them that gardening can be fun and also in still in them a sense of pride in their efforts, and a sense of wonder in how nature works.

     We also want to hear from you, your thoughts, your ideas about foodscaping. Tell us about anything in your area that's going on so we publicize it and learn form it.

     We are excited to begin this journey and we invite you to join us. Together we can and will make a difference!