We recently ran a series of hands-on educational workshops in partnership with the Chicago Commons organization at four of their early learning centers on the south and west sides of Chicago. Every month they have a parent student activity day and in November we were chosen to provide the activities.

Participants first came to the planting station where the parent and child were given organic lettuce and spinach seeds, organic potting soil and windowboxes and instructions for planting and caring for the plants once they sprout it they were allowed to take them home so that they could grow organic produce indoors during the winter. They then went over to the cooking and preparation station where they were shown how they could make salad dressings from scratch at home that would not contain any corn sugar or preservatives and would be a healthier and more economical alternative to store bought bottled dressings. Four different sample salads were created and the participants got to sample and enjoy them, and recipe cards we're given to those who wanted to make them at home for themselves and their families. In December we will be doing another workshop this time focusing on growing your own herbs organically at home and then in creative ways to use them in cooking.